Hephzibah United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 23, 2024



Witness /UMN Ministry objectives


1) Combining the Witness Ministry with the newly organized United Methodist Neighbors (UMN) has broadened our scope of service to include not just the inner workings of the Church, but to include all members of the congregation in hopes of encouraging everyone to become actively involved in gaining disciples for Jesus Christ.

2) To keep in touch with visitors, shut-ins, and absent members, through visitation, phone calls, cards and letters.

3) To implement programs to increase the number of visitors, such as, groups to canvas new neighborhoods with information brochures about our Church. Or placing the brochures in local eateries, Laundromats, convenience stores, etc; so new residents in the area can see what we have to offer.

4) To greet visitors in such a way that they feel like they are at home among friends and good neighbors.

5) To provide instruction and instructional materials to teach good techniques in these pursuits.


Witness/UMN Ministry has many projects planned for the future and is always open for new ideas and suggestions.  Won’t you join us in this fun, active way of spreading Gods word?

“We have jobs big and small, to make disciples of them all.”

For more information please contact the Church office at 706-592-4305.