Hephzibah United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 23, 2024

About HUMC

     Hephzibah United Methodist Church is located south of Augusta in Central Eastern Georgia.  For over 150 years it has been a warm, friendly and loving congregation with a strong desire to share the love of Jesus Christ with others.  Our church family comes from all across the Augusta area, and although some have faith backgrounds in other religious traditions, some are new to church, and some are life-long Methodists, all of us have a desire to travel our unique spiritual paths, help one another along the road, and follow the life of Christ as best we can.
     This "Mission Prayer" says something of who we are and hope to become:
     Gracious God, giver of Life,
     by your Spirit, grant us
          an open heart to welcome all people,
          a nurturing fellowship that binds us together,

          a growing will to participate in the life of the church,
          and a passion for serving in the community and beyond,
     that we may follow Christ daily
          and show God's love in all we do.
     We believe in welcoming all people into the church, we believe in caring for one another, we believe in becoming involved in the good that God is doing through the church, and we believe in serving God's children everywhere through our works of mercy.  Basically, we believe in following Christ's example of love to the best of our ability.
     We hope you will come experience what so many are already coming to know about Hephzibah United Methodist Church: our hearts, our minds, and our doors are always open.